Getting to Patagonia...


My husband and I just got back from an epic anniversary / dirty 30 trip. We will actually celebrate six years of marriage next month, but this trip was to celebrate five years, mixed with the fact that I turned 30 in the fall and was feeling the need for a getaway with my man whilst not pregnant or breastfeeding. And before I get ANY older, gain ANY more pounds, wrinkles or stretch marks. Vain, I am fully aware. But if I’m to be truthful, those thoughts factored into my reasoning. But of COURSE I also just wanted a trip to keep the flame alive, so to speak. Adventure with my husband, without much responsibility. To help us keep diggin’ each other. So, we planned a trip for after our youngest turned one. 

It was actually no small gift from my husband to take me on a trip in the first place, to an international destination nonetheless and take off two whole weeks from work. But he’s good like that. We’re super different in many ways. I LOVE to travel. He’d be happy never to leave the house. I’m semi-exaggerating. But if we had a house on water and land where he could fish and hunt I wouldn’t be exaggerating one bit. I’ve always had this “get-up-n-go” wanderlust to know other places and cultures and adventure. He loves adventure, but has an easier time finding it right in front of him. 

He’s also very practical. And I’m very not. He taught me what “return on investment” means. My first lesson was right before we got married. We had been talking about saving money and blah blah blah and he went off to a gun show with his dad and bought FOUR guns. I said, what’dya spend all that money for?! And why do you need FOUR guns?! “Nah, this is an investment,” he said. Letting me know that these valuables “appreciate” over time. While my Starbucks depreciates right into my belly. Can’t get my money back outta that.

All that to say, he’s good with finances and doing things that make financial and practical sense. Good at investing. I’m all “who cares about money” while enjoying the beautiful home I couldn’t have bought without him, drinking my Starbucks iced coffee. But I don’t care about money, right?

Anyway, I have learned in our almost 6 years of marriage. I’ve learned how to speak “Derek.” So I’ve told him that, for me, traveling and spending time with him and going on dates and looking him in the eyes without TVs or phones or kids is an investment. One which pays dividends for the unforeseeable future. See how I did that? I threw “dividends” in there. And he got it ;-) 

So we talked about a trip… one where we could do things we both love, together. And we started to plan a little. Then I quit my job. And suddenly the trip and the timing didn’t make sense, financial or otherwise. And he started to show hesitancy, promising that we would go one day, but maybe now wasn’t the best time. But remember what I said in that first paragraph? Helllooooo? I ain’t gettin’ any younger! I have less wrinkles than I will ever have. And I don’t have milk in my boobs. What if we have more kids? Who will volunteer to keep THREE kids for TWO weeks. THERE IS NO OTHER TIME! Oh, the embarrassing truth of my broken mind.

Then my birthday came. October 5, 2017 I turned 30. And Derek text me pictures of our Amazon account and said “did you buy this stuff?” To which I swiftly responded with my two thumbs “I toollllldddd you to change our Amazon password! No I did not buy those things!” Mad because I was right again and he was supposed to change our password after we got hacked before. But he didn’t listen to me and we got hacked again. See text below…


He had bought maps for Chile and Argentina. We were going to Patagonia. For two weeks. No kids allowed. He went against all his natural instincts and even surrendered some convictions to love and serve me in such a unique and selfless way. And that gift, even more than the trip, is not lost on me.