EP 07: A Parent with Wisdom and Grace with Missy Silagyi

Instagram: @karadawnz



Missy talks about raising her two teenage sons, one of whom has autism. She talks about the beautiful and hard parts of raising a child with special needs and what life was like before and after getting an official diagnosis. She also shares advice and encouragement to parents who are also grappling with what it means to parent a child with different abilities.

The Silagyis have traveled all over the world and have continued to make travel a priority for the entire family. So we also get some good travel tips!



Music she's listening to and loving: 

"My world is so noisy- at work, home, etc. I find silence is often my preferred music because it’s such a necessary luxury. (I’m an introvert by nature, so it’s a sanity thing.) That said, we’re in the Christmas Season and I love me some Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, etc. The newer stuff just doesn’t do for me. 

Most influential books she's ever read:


  • Adventures in Odyssey (Radio show her kids love to listen to while traveling)

  • Road Trippin' with the Littles (Blog post I wrote on how not to wet your pants while road tripping solo with kiddos)

  • Respite care: short-term care for families who need a little break ;-) You can sign up with local foster care agencies in your area. However, not all states have private foster care agencies, so the best thing to do would be to contact your local child welfare department. (And don't forget to reach out to your local church kids' ministry to see if there are any families that may need someone to watch kids for a bit to give them "even an hour of reprieve," like Missy mentioned.