EP 11: Friday Night Wife with Jordan Harrell

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Today's guest is Jordan Harrell. She's a writer, speaker, business owner, coach's wife, stay-at-home mom and planner of the most epic fake engagement photo shoot you've ever seen.

Just barely into marriage, Jordan got pregnant. And just after their first child was born, Jordan and her husband separated. She shares about navigating that difficult season, the decision to fight for her marriage and family, and the advice/wisdom she's picked up along the way. 




Music she's listening to and loving:  "So, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is on repeat around here. My girls like to put their ballet tutus on and get after it. Other than that, I just listen to Pandora -- my favorite station is Your Are Good  radio or Ricky Van Shelton radio. Classic country will always have my heart. I love Ellie Holcomb, too. But honestly, I am so lame when it comes to music. If it's not on the radio, I probably haven't heard it. Lol." - Jordan

Most influential book she's ever read: "For marriage... Francis Chan's You and Me Forever or Shauna Shanks' A Fierce Love. As far as spiritual formation, Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted and Rachel Held Evans' Evolving in Monkeytown addressed so many of the issues I'd had with religion up to that point in my journey. Reading those in my twenties gave me the confidence and courage to ask questions out loud, without even knowing the answers, and helped me not be so terrified of the doubts I'd always struggled with." - Jordan